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Our Latest Released Titles
  • 60 SECOND TIME OUT (English) by Mike Greene..

    This book contains 52 enjoyable lessons towards a robust personal and professional growth. Make every second count to build a better you for

    Mike Greene
    Price:    Rs.150.00
  • TRAIN YOUR BRAIN (English) by Ryuta Kawashima..

    Your brain has unlimited potential to do anything, and for the brightest future, its capacity and power can be enhanced many times over - by

    Ryuta Kawashima
    Price:    Rs.199.00
  • PSYCHIC PERCEPTION (English) by Joseph Murphy..

    All of us have psychic powers. We can be aware of experiences and events beyond the five senses. This book shows you how to use your amazing

    Dr. Joseph Murphy
    Price:  Rs.195.00
  • RUM, BEER, COCKTAIL by Sukant Ratnakar..

    A novel with a message of either building ones life on the straight and narrow path or redeeming a hedonist lifestyle into social responsibi

    Sukant Ratnakar
    Price:  Rs.299.00
  • NOORDIN'S GIFT by Shashi Warrier..

    A hair-raising tale of terrorism with frighteningly real characters and a taught and believable plot. Set in Kashmir of 2025, when it has se

    Shashi Warrier
    Price:  Rs.350.00
  • ULTIMATE PRODUCTIVITY (English) by Jim Stova..

    Success requires the key tools of motivation, communication and implementation. Motivation is the fuel of personal success.Communication hel

    Jim Stovall
    Price:  Rs.175.00
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